PCB – Part 5 of X. Decpoupling with chip beads in power line


We continue the decoupling theme by adding a chip bean in series with the power line. I chose to use a 0603 chip bean from TDK with a rather wide frequency characteristic that is intended for use in power lines. I did the simulations with 330pf // 100nF and with only 100nF according to previous post. I did this setup to be able to compare different type of decoupling solutions.

The TDK chip bean used for the simulation is the MPZ1608S221ATA00. This component is represented by L3, R6, C3 and R7 in the schematics below. Using chip beans in the power line will increase the AC-impedance of the power line and should thus be used with care.


The simulation result show, as expected, some great improvements.



This post may be the last one in this series. But feel free to suggest new topics within practical PCB design!


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