To make technology harmonize with the expectations of pure and natural audio is a challenge for many audiophiles and respectable high-end audio companies. Designs that focus on delivering the most out of the audio equipment from the source to the listener is rare - unless the budget is unlimited. That is where Regal technology comes in. We use state-of-the-art technologies to create the experience of pure and natural sound at reasonable costs.

Our goal is to fill the gap between digital audio sources to the actual sound from your speakers with technical solutions that recreates the full spectrum of musicality as it was recorded in the studio. We want to make the very best acoustical experience out of your speakers by adjusting the signal for any acoustical imperfections combined with state-of-the-art class D amplifiers.

The signal processing includes speaker frequency response corrections and corrections of time misalignments. Our unique technologies ensure that you will get the very best performance possible out of your investments in digital sources and speakers. Our technologies goes beyond ordinary preamps and power amplifiers.


Anders Hansson, Founder and CEO

With a solid backgound as a senior developer of consumer electronics to advanced military products, innovative designs has always been the success factor. Analog and digital audio has been the common thread through development of many products over the years. To continue the path innovative audio solutions, the idea of Regal technology took place. The search for state-of-the-art electronics designs for high-end audio started in back in 2013. Some really good designs from guys like Bruno Putzeys and others where analysed in depth. Functional blocks was designed, simulated and improved in iterations. This led to some really innovative solutions that you will see in our coming solutions.

Simulations are really an efficient tool in the design process. But a good design also need indepth knowledge combined with performance measurements and tuning. Usage of professional level audio measurement systems together with the access to a fully anechoic room will absolutely lead to many exiting moments in the future. As we are a startup company we will work together with strategic partners and key designers. If you feel that you might want to contribute in some way, don't hesitate to contact us!