Design Services

Active speaker design

We support you in the Regal DSP board and class D amplifier integration into your active speaker design. Crossover filters, correction filters and customized delays are optimized for your specific speaker design. We use a high performance calibration system to ensure all measured parameters are valid. Acoustical measurements and calibrations are made in a professional anechoic room. The use of an anechoic room is essential in order to know the acoustics of the target device. To be able to make the correct optimization. This room is free from acoustic reflections as defined by the ISO 3745 specification.

Regal DSP board integration services

We assist you in your system integration project. This include schemaic reviews and expert consultancy. This will ensure that you will get the best possible performance from your audio system.

Listening Room Performance

The perceived quality of sound depend on many factors. Often early reflections, reverberation time and standing waves caused by the listening room characteristics degrades the perceived acoustical quality well below the actual potential of the audio system. We perform an acoustic measurement of your listening room. You will get a report with measurment results and recommended types of acoustical treatments.

Note: This service is only available within a 300km radius from Linköping, Sweden. However, exceptions may exist…

Calibration Services

We optimize digital filters of the Regal DSP board for your speakers.

  • Gold level. We use a high performance calibration system and do all measurements in a fully anechoic room. We provide you with a report covering the acoustical improvements made. We recommend this level for speakers from 3000€ and up. Two and three way passive speakers are supported.
  • Silver level. As gold level but the measurements are made i an acoustically treated room to minimize effects on reflections and echoes. We provide you with a report covering the acoustical improvements made.
  • Bronse level. Rent our standard calibration system for a weekend and follow our guideline on how to perform calibrations.